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Renting with Pets

Be honest

The landlord is likely to find out if you have a pet, or that you have more than you told them, so it is better to be honest from the start with the agent. This way you will not be faced with an eviction notice, bad referral or any other legal ramifications for trying to keep it quiet.

Gather references

It helps to have a reference from a previous landlord. I often get photographs sent to me as well which I pass onto owners.

Give as much information as possible

If you do pick up the mess after the dog daily or have throws for the furniture please make it clear to the agent. Also, some dogs you may not allow in certain areas such as bedrooms but don’t assume the agent will know as each owner varies - so tell them. They will also need to know the age and breed of your dogs.

Think of your pets

Read the property descriptions as in some properties pets are simply not allowed. VíllaMía can help and search through the database to save you time. Also, think about the space needed – is there enough room for the pets both inside and out? Also consider how your pet will behave in communal areas and whether this would have an impact on other residents. If you are looking at a townhouse or apartment and know that your pet is noisy by nature, renting a villa might be a better option. If needed, check the property is enclosed and you can ask about neighbours and if they have pets, for example, if you have cats you may not want a few dogs right next door. Please note, most pets are not allowed in communal areas.

Get it in writing

Sometimes you will have to pay a higher deposit or it will be added to the contract that the property has to be professionally cleaned at the end of your tenancy. Just make sure all the terms that were discussed and agreed upon concerning your pet have been written up clearly before signing and you are happy with the contract.

Keeping your pet entertained

Of course it's always better if you or a family member can be around to walk the dog during the day, but either way it is important to have something to keep your pets busy. Consider buying a scratching post for your cat to reduce the temptation for them to destroy other areas or buy the dog a few toys. If you know that you are going to be renting with a dog but will be out often, consider hiring a dog walker to care for them during the day. These ideas of course not only look after your pet, but also reduce the risk of damaging your rented accommodation.


Remember the property has to be left as you found it so if a dog has chewed part of the sofa you will be responsible and have to pay to get everything back to how it was.

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