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Energy Performance Certificate

Posted by 
Michelle Hughes
24th April 2023

EPC, which stands for Energy Performance Certificate, is a document that provides information about the energy efficiency of a property. The importance of EPC´s for long-term rentals in Spain lies in the fact that they are legally required for all properties that are offered for rent.

Here are some reasons why EPC´s are necessary for long-term rentals in Spain:

1. Legal Requirement: As per Spanish law, all properties that are offered for rent must have an EPC. Failure to comply with this requirement can result in fines and legal action.
2. Energy Efficiency: EPC's provide information about the energy efficiency of a property. This is important for tenants who want to reduce their energy bills and live more sustainably.
3. Property Value: EPC's can also affect the value of a property. A property with a higher energy efficiency rating may be more attractive to potential tenants.
4. Compliance with Regulations: EPC's are part of the broader EU regulations on energy efficiency in buildings. Property owners can contribute to a more sustainable future by complying with these regulations.
5. Transparency: EPC's provide transparency about a property's energy performance, which can help tenants make more informed decisions about where to live.

Michelle Hughes, the owner of VillaMia, said: "We urge all our rental owners to check they have a relevant EPC, which last 10 years. Not having an energy certificate for a long-term rental violates Spanish law. Landlords may face legal action and fines if they are caught renting out a property without an EPC.

"We can easily arrange these with an architect we work closely with, and the cost is 160 euros for an apartment and 250 euros for a villa. It is a small price to pay for a 10-year certificate and could save thousands if you break the law. Also, if you plan on selling in the future, you will need one anyway."

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