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26th July 2021


August is around the corner and if you are already dreading the hottest month in Javea with an average temperature of 26.05°C (79°F) then we want to help. Apart from the obvious, there are various ways to make your home cooler and VillaMia has put together its five top tips….

  • Turn off the tech

Appliances give off a surprising amount of heat, especially while charging. Shut down computers and televisions properly rather than leaving them on standby. If possible, you should also try to leave the lights off as much as possible - light bulbs do emit heat and a naturally lit home tends to be a cooler home.

  • Shower or jump in the pool before bed

Pop in a cold shower or in your swimming pool and when you get into bed you will have around 15 minutes when hopefully you can drop off in that time before becoming uncomfortable.

When it comes to sleeping, it is tempting to strip off in bed. However, the better option is to wear cotton pyjamas to help your skin breathe and soak up your sweat.

  • Sleep with cotton sheets

Talking of cotton, cotton sheets are a must for sticky summer nights. Even more breathable than satin and silk, light-coloured cotton bedsheets are a must.

  • Use a sock full of cold rice

Ok you may not have heard of this one before but it is basically the reverse of a hot water bottle. Fill a sock with rice and then place it in the freezer. You can then take it into bed with you. It stays cool a surprisingly long time. Try it!

  • Invest in house plants

House plants can help a stuffy room with moisture and rubber plants, snake plants and peace lilies can help create a more breathable microclimate. Some indoor-friendly flora even sucks up pollutants and particulates – such as aloe plants – potentially helping you deal with the heat a little more easily.

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