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How to find work in Spain

Posted by 
Michelle Hughes
22nd May 2023

The excellent quality of life and the great climate are two top reasons for wanting to move to Spain. For US nationals looking to move abroad, Spain is their second most popular choice - Canada comes first!

EU nationals have the right to travel freely, work and live in any other EU country, which explains Spain's popularity with many people from northern Europe. British citizens still want to retire in Spain or work here. Although it´s more difficult post-Brexit, there are opportunities for British people to apply for a visa to work or retire in Spain.

If you´re planning to move to Spain before you retire - we did this too! - you’ll most likely need a job. Here are a few tips on how to find work in Spain.

Search online for jobs in Spain

There are several websites with jobs for ex-pats, and you can start searching for work before you move over. This gives you a feel for the type of jobs available, which cities are best for job seekers, and the salary or hourly rate you can expect to earn.


Good websites for advertising jobs include Expatica.com, Indeed.com, Expat.com, Glassdoor.com and ThinkSpain.com. Spanish speakers can also look for work on InfoJobs.net.

Use social media and social networking sites to search for jobs near to where you will be living in Spain. On Facebook, you will find many groups or pages concerning the town you are moving to, and you can ask questions about work opportunities. For the Jávea area, there are Facebook groups called:

  • Jobs in Costa Blanca North, Benidorm, Calpe, Javea, Denia;
  • Giza Job Costa Blanca and Balearics;
  • Costa Blanca Jobs;
  • Jobs Jobs Jobs - Costa Blanca; and
  • Jobs in Costa Blanca.

LinkedIn is also a great starting point for job-hunting. Either create a profile or make sure your profile is up-to-date and then search for work in Spain. Vacancies for many professional sectors can be found on LinkedIn, including teaching, IT, writing, marketing and design.


Cold-calling businesses in Spain

If there are businesses you desperately want to work for - and you have the right qualifications, of course - forward your CV to them. Similarly, if you're going to work in a shop, bar or restaurant, you could pop in and introduce yourself to the owner or manager - not when they're super busy though. They may not need someone but may recruit staff for the summer season.


Spread the word about your skills
Costa Blanca networking events allow you to showcase your skills and talents. Moraira-based company Telitec runs regular business brunches in Jávea, where you can make great local contacts and, hopefully, pick up some work. If you follow Telitec on Facebook, you´ll see when the subsequent events are being held.


Also, the Costa Blanca Business Association - CBBA - helps businesses grow through its referral scheme, training and support. VíllaMía has been a member of the CBBA for a few years now, and we can promise you that it is a rewarding way to increase business. If you’re interested in joining, let us know, and we can invite you to a meeting as our guest.


Be your own boss

Many foreigners, who find it hard to get a contracted job with a company in Spain, become self-employed or autonomo. Spain has around 3.2 million self-employed people, many of whom work in the service sector in hospitality, catering, beauty, communications, travel, tourism, arts and entertainment.


Being your own boss means you can decide who to work with, what hours to work and when to take time off. However, there are a few steps to overcome to set up as autonomo in Spain, and we would definitely advise you to work with a professional company to help you register and sort out your tax. Again, we can recommend a local firm if need be.


Depending on your skills, you can live in Spain and work for companies anywhere in the world. Writing, editing, marketing, coding, web design, programming, video production, coaching, and teaching English online are among the many roles that allow people to be digital nomads or to work remotely.


Are you ready to make the leap and come to Spain to work? Get in touch so we can help you find your ideal property on the North Costa Blanca.


Also, if you have a property to rent or sell, or are looking for one, contact VillaMia on info@villamia.net or call 965794139.


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