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Renting Out A Property In Spain’s Costa Blanca

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Michelle Hughes
6th July 2021

Many people own a holiday home in Spain. It’s a dream to have a property to use whenever you wish, as long as you abide by the 90/180 days rule if you’re non-EU citizens, and that family and friends can enjoy too.

Inevitably, there will be times when your villa or apartment stands empty. You can earn money from your Spanish property by renting it out.

At VíllaMía we can help you find tenants and manage your rental property on the Costa Blanca. We specialise in long-term winter rental in Spain’s Costa Blanca North area including Jávea, Benissa, Dénia and Moraira.

Here are our top reasons why you should consider renting out a property on the Costa Blanca.

1 Enjoy a passive income from your Costa Blanca villa or apartment

Let your overseas holiday home go to work for you. Renting out your Costa Blanca property is a profitable way of working smarter, not harder. Your property can make you money instead of lying empty and you have an extra income coming into your bank account for every month that you rent it out.

A 2-bedroom apartment in Jávea can earn around €750 a month as a long-term rental while a 3-bed villa in Jávea can fetch €1,500 a month as a long-term rental. Winter lets can earn a lovely income too - for instance a 2-bed apartment in Dénia brings in €600 a month as a winter let.

Even when you take into consideration expenses such as tax and property management fees, you are still sitting on a nice little earner that isn’t causing you extra work.

2 Freedom from having to pay bills when you’re not there

When your property is unoccupied you still have to pay standing charges on utility bills and urbanisation fees, for example. Wouldn’t you rather someone else was covering these expenses for you? Instead of having to find this money each month, you can rest assured these fees are paid when you are renting out a property in Spain.

Although you may still be responsible for paying community fees, if any, and IBI tax, the rent you receive will more than cover these costs.

Have a look at our frequently asked questions about being a landlord in Spain for more information.

3 Value of your property increases

If you’re thinking of selling your Costa Blanca property, you may get a better price if you are not in a rush to sell. By letting your property, you can afford to wait until the optimum moment to sell.

Property prices are rising slightly at the moment -  coastal homes in Spain have risen by 0.5% in 2021 so far and 2.6% on the Costa Blanca. On the upside for Costa Blanca property owners, the pandemic has created a demand for homes out of the cities which have more space for homeworking and a garden or terrace. However, there are likely to be fewer buyers, particularly British buyers after Brexit - the Brits make up 13% of foreign property buyers in Spain up to now.

By renting your property, you can see how the market is moving before deciding to sell.

4 Greater security for your Costa Blanca property

Your house is being looked after by your tenants so they can let you know if there’s a problem, such as a water leak, broken washing machine or pool going green. If your property stands empty, you won’t know about such things until you arrive on your holidays.

Plus, your house is being aired. Your plants are being watered. Your home is being cleaned and looked after. And burglars or squatters won’t target your property because they know it’s empty.

5 It is a great investment

We’ve said this before but it’s worth saying again that there are fabulous advantages to renting out a property in Spain.

  • Your property should be worth more the longer you hang on to it
  • You earn a passive income
  • Your bills are paid
  • You can invest the rent money in improving or updating your property to add to its value
  • You may find you enjoy being a landlord in Spain and add to your property portfolio by investing in buy-to-lets on the Costa Blanca

Get in touch with us for more information about how to rent out a property in Spain. We have been offering our property service for more than 15 years covering long-term and winter rentals on the Costa Blanca North as well as property management and sales.

6 Provide a nest egg or income when you retire

Let’s face it we could all do with more money when we retire. We have time to do the things we’ve always wanted to and your rental income could pay for it. Whether you fancy travelling, taking up a new sport, buying a new car, eating at fine restaurants, or going on a retreat, as a landlord in Spain you’re earning an income to help fund your retirement.

Use a legally-registered property company - VíllaMía

Our multilingual team has a wealth of experience in property rentals on the Costa Blanca. We will make sure your property is looked after to first-class standards. We will:

  • List your property on our website and portals
  • Carry out all viewings
  • Draw up the contracts once a suitable tenant is found and you approve with
  • Prepare the property for new tenants
  • Make sure the direct debits for utility bills are changed to the tenants bank account
  • Inspect your property every 3 months if managed
  • Get any repairs carried out by trusted tradespeople, and
  • Make sure all issues are dealt with quickly and effectively¡

You don't need to have any contact with tenants at all. We'll do everything for you. And we're on the ground - our office is in Jávea - so your tenants are always able to get in touch with us.

Talk to us about renting your Costa Blanca villa, apartment or townhouse.

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