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Ten ways to save electricity

Posted by 
Michelle Hughes
26th October 2018

VillaMia has put together 10 tips to help you save money on your electric bill throughout 2016:

1. Keep it switched off

Keep appliances switched off when not in use. Get in the habit of switching off the light when you leave a room and before you go to bed ensure that appliances such as your TV and laptop are switched off and unplugged.

2. Reduce the number of electrical appliances around your home

Consider just cutting down to one of every item around the house, for example with TVs and laptops, share one between you rather than having one each. You could also allocate a set time to using these appliances throughout the day rather than leaving them on when not in use.

Also think about getting rid of some things completely, such as your landline, which these days isn't essential. If you have a smart phone and find you are constantly charging it, consider downsizing to a simpler model that requires less energy to run.

3. Dry things naturally

Take full advantage of the sunshine in Javea by drying your clothes outside instead of using the tumble dryer. Change the setting on your dishwasher to air dry if you have this option and think about letting your hair dry naturally.

4. Wash your clothes in colder water

Wash your clothes on a lower setting wherever possible – it takes a lot of energy for the machine to heat the water up.

5. Use energy efficient light bulbs

Traditional bulbs use 90% more energy than modern, energy efficient bulbs. Some tenants are put off them due to the initial cost – but the savings soon add up over time considering that modern bulbs also last longer than traditional bulbs.

6. Modify your thermostat

Get into the habit of turning your thermostat down for when you leave your property during the day. Also, see if you can set your thermostat on a timer to save more money.

7. Use blackout curtains

Blackout curtains will help to trap in heat during the winter months, and keep the heat away in the summer. Another added bonus is that they block out drafts and they are inexpensive to buy.

8. Be mindful when cooking

When cooking, get in to the habit of making small changes to reduce energy expenditure. Where possible, cook one pot dishes rather than meals that require multiple hobs, and when using the oven, try to resist opening it up constantly to check your food – every time you open it the temperature can drop by 150°, even when it is open for less than a minute. It will then cost you more money while the oven reverts to its original temperature.

You could also look at using your microwave to cook instead of using the oven or hob, which as well as saving energy, also is often more convenient.

9. Invest in some warm clothing

Buy yourself good quality warm clothing that you will want to wear on colder days and evenings. Keep a jumper, slippers and a blanket or throw in your home to wear instead of constantly using heaters, or wear these as well as using the heater set at a lower temperature. Keeping your feet warm with bed socks also helps keep you warm.

10. Iberdrola

Iberdrola offers a night time tariff which can save money if you use the electrical appliances within the set hours (which change for summer and winter). You can still use any time but the cost will be higher outside the time frame and most people get into the habit of putting the washing machine, dishwasher etc on in the evening. If you are in a rental property then owners will need to complete a form but we have organised for several of our managed clients. It is worth looking into!

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